Tweedehandse Bruidjie


I would like to sell my wedding dress. How do I proceed?

Take a look at our available packages HERE.

What may be advertised on your Facebook Group?

You may advertise anything that is wedding related, as long as it is second hand. We also allow members to advertise wedding-related product that has never been used, for example (because it was not the right size, color, etc.). Some other garments and shoes that are not wedding related are also allowed. In case of any doubt, please contact us.

I would like to advertise my wedding business's services / products on Tweedehandse Bruidjie.

No business advertising is allowed on our group, only through paid & controlled advertising. Take a look at our various packages HERE.

I would like to post anonymously on the group. How do I do that?

At the group's homepage, at the bottom left of “Create a public post” is the option “Anonymous Post”. The posting on the group will be completely anonymous and will be posted under the name “Group Member”. Note: This option is unfortunately not available to "Pages" on the group.

May I advertise my business's wedding related competition on Tweedehandse Bruidjie?

Competitions are allowed on our group for free, as long as it is wedding related.

Where is your Bridal Shop situated?

Our Shop address is:

14B Willowbrook Office Park

Van Hoof Street




What are your business hours for fittings?

We are open by appointment only. Please view HERE for our available options to make a booking.

Which dresses are available at your Bridal Shop for fittings?

Not all dresses on our website are available in our store, have a look HERE to view what we have in stock for fittings.

How do I make an appointment?

Please make your booking HERE.
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